RepatterninG: Working with intuition and awareness, the focus is unwinding old patterns and reweaving a new relationship of wellness into the very fiber of your being. 

60 min

Unblocking: Working with the physical/mental/emotional continuum, you will be transformed from a pain-body state to one of fluidity and ease.

60-75 min


Grace & Beauty Facial: Done in a series of 8 weekly sessions, empirical points are chosen for each individual to support whole-body vitality while local points on the face, neck and décolleté increase Qi circulation to boost collagen, reduce fine lines and stimulate a radical resurgence of luster and glow. It is recommended to couple this treatment with two Holistic Facials at week 2 and week 8. This is a 60-minute service once per week. Sold as a package. 

Acupuncture Only

Including Two Holistic Facials